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Medical Research On Marijuana

Humans have been using marijuana for hundreds of years. Since the ancient times, humans have been using substances to alter their state of mind. One of the most common substance is  marijuana. It is consumed by 70% people at least once in a lifetime.

How does it work?

Different substances alter and affect your brain differently. Before we understand the working of marijuana, let’s first learn about how the brain functions.

Your brain has nerve cells called neurons in the brain; these are responsible for transferring information from one part of the brain to other. One end of the neuron is called dendrite, and the other end is called alone. With the use of neurotransmitters, they change the electrical charge at the end of another neuron. The brain works like a computer; it does use electrical changes to transmit and save information. There are trillions of neurons in one’s mind, though they decrease with age, This disease of the brain is Alzheimer’s.

Cannabis contains molecules that are included in our body already. These particles are called cannabinoids. In a human body, this molecule is present in a tiny quantity. Another major part of marijuana is THC; This is very similar to another molecule found in our brain called Anandamide. Its function in the human brain is to control the working of neurons; it stops the neuron for sometime after it fires. This allows the mind to work in a very controlled manner. Taking in marijuana contradicts this process and due to this neurons start shooting rapidly. This magnifies your thoughts, imagination, and emotions.

In short, a person who consumed cannabis will suffer from short-term memory because you are lost in a moment and don’t see the larger picture, THC also manipulates dopamine, norepinephrine levels in the brain. This gives you a feeling of relaxation, pain modulation, etc. In some, this might even cause anxiety.

Is Marijuana Safe?

marijuana is safe leafUnlike other substances that alter brain activities, cannabis is a natural source and is very useful in certain conditions. It doesn’t have a long-term effect and is considered to be very safe.
Consuming too much of it might not lead to death but will inevitably affect your lifestyle.

Medical Research

marijuana researchThere has been a lot of controversy on the topic of legalizing marijuana. Currently, it is only legal in a few states but is expected to be accepted globally due to its advantage. Medical researchers show that controlled use of marijuana can be beneficial to the human body.