how long does it takes to grow marijuana

How Long Does Marijuana Take To Grow?

The time your marijuana is going to take to grow depends on a lot of factors. It highly depends on the strain of marijuana you are trying to grow. On an average, a plant takes about 6 months.

There are several stages a plant goes through, Let’s have a look at the life cycle of a cannabis plant.

marijuana life cyclePlanting the seed- After you put the seed in the soil, depending on the quality of the seed, It takes approximately 3-4 days. After this period is over, You will see a small seedling coming out of the soil.

flowering marijuana plantThe seed is a food reserve for the plant. After the seeding is ready, it is capable of using natural resources around it to grow further.

Slowly the seedling will turn into several leaves and stems. There are several kinds of marijuana plants, some tent to grow tall and others are more likely will grow wide.

On an average, it will take three months before you see any flowers on the plant. After it grows flowers, it can take up to 2 more months for it to be ready.

As we can see, the life cycle of a cannabis plant is about five months, and that’s how long it takes to grow.

It takes a level of skill to harvest the plant correctly. There are several methods to do this, expensive industrial machines to DIY solutions. I use a barrel and spinning technique to clean my harvest. This method is very unique and interesting. Electronic harvesters and cleaners will cost you hundreds of dollars. For this method, All You required is a simple barrel and your cannabis flowers.

The idea is to create centrifugal force, which would separate the hash from the cannabis. Always remember hash isn’t useless, It can be used to get the same effect as cannabis, Many people prefer to smoke hash instead of cannabis. You can get good price for hash in the market.

clean marijuana diyThis does takes lot of manual effort but it’s the easiest and most time saving way. Hand picking and cleaning this will take hours, whereas with this method it will going to take a minute or two. First you need to put cannabis in the barrel. After this, move the barrel in such a way that the marijuana inside of it rubs with each other. Don’t do this too harsh or it might damage it. Also, check it every 30-40 seconds and repeat until you are satisfied with the results.

For most indoor growers like yourself, There is no need to be concerned about equipment to harvest or clean the plant. On such a small scale, It can be done with the hand.

I hope this answered your question.