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Cannabis Lollipops

Cannabis Lollipops

Who doesn’t like to eat lollipops? What if I told you, you could add cannabis to your lollipops. I got to try them for the first time in America. I wasn’t said that those candies had cannabis, after some time I started feeling the marijuana. It didn’t take time for me to get in love with them, You can eat them in public without any issues.
Most people won’t feel comfortable eating lollipops around others.

I can make a lot of marijuana deserts, but this one was very different and felt utterly new. At the first time, I couldn’t even figure out it had cannabis in it. There was no doubt it wasn’t going to be one of my favorite desserts.

Reaching back home, I wanted to make these for myself as it was hard to find them in my country. I wanted them because they were the best cannabis desert I have ever had.

To get started you need a cup of sugar, corn syrup, jello, butter and some marijuana hash itself.
You can use raw marijuana instead of hash but for making this we need it to be in powdered form, and it’s much easier to make power from the hash.

After you have prepared this, you need to add this into jello and put them on the stove for a while. While this is happening, make sure you keep stirring the mixture. After the temperature of the mixture is about 225 degrees, you can remove it from the stove.

Note: You can let it heat a little more, but I like it at this temperature.

Now is the time to mix everything. This is the hardest part of this recipe because you need to mix everything with full effort. This process can take up to 20 minutes; You can also use an electronic mixer for this. This will save you muscle power and time, Most new models of mixers come can do this job in 2 minutes instead of 20. If you think you are going to make this dessert regularly, I highly recommend getting yourself a high-end mixer.

While this process is happening, You need to shape your lollipops too. You can use sticks if you like. I used sticks for a while after I learned to make these, but soon enough I was obsessed with it. So, I start making them into simple cubes, this saved me time and effort.

I hope you liked this recipe tutorial and if you would like to read more recipes or have anything to ask, contact me here.