Alzheimers Disease

What is Alzheimer’s?

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It is a widespread disease affecting over 40 million people throughout the globe. Every few seconds a new person is diagnosed with it. This is a significant threat to human population because a cure is still to be found.

What are the Possible Symptoms?

  • Sleeping issues: It is a widespread problem that a considerable amount of human population has to deal with. There can be many reasons for sleeping issues. If you feel you have problems sleeping, waking up at night very often, hard to sleep at night. It can be a symptom of Alzheimer’s.
  • Mood swings:  There can be drastic mood changes, this is due to imbalance int he hormones. You might feel very good in a moment but different in the next. If you are on your periods, This is very normal, and there is very less possibility of you having this disease. If this is the case all the time, you should see a doctor as soon as possible.
  • Memory problems: Patients who have Alzheimer’s are usually very prone to forgetting things. This is a prevalent trait in older people, but the cause of that can be very different. With age nerve sells in the brain starts depleting which can be a possible reason for not remembering things but if this often happens with you; There is a possibility that you might be suffering from this disease.

This happens due to an irregularity in the brain tissues. Which leads to the formation of a structure called clumps. These are sticky and are capable of blocking signals traveling through the brain.

The problem arises because this triggers the immune system to take action, Immune system instead of getting rid of grumps destroys the infected nerve cell.

Food to nerve cells is carried by small tubes. These tubes are meant to give food and nutrients to nerve cells but in this disease, these tubes are disintegrated and nutrients don’t reach to nerve cells properly. This leads to the death of more nerve cells. Short-term memory loss is one of the first signals. This slowly spreads throughout the brain and slowing taking the ability to think, react, remember and express emotions.

Is there a cure?

Due to this disease being so dangerous, several researchers are spending a lot of time to figure out a treatment, but for now, it’s going to take a while. Out best bet with the current medical technology available is to find a way to slow down this disease. In the meantime, we can keep looking for a cure.

Though there might be no cure for this disease if you are found to suffer from it; Consider seeing a doctor as soon as possible. Some medicines can help slow down the process of this disease.

The second option available is vaccines, these are used to train your immune system for destroying the dangerous protein as soon as it’s found.
This disease was discovered a decade ago. Still, there hasn’t been a cure found, but with the kind of development in medical technology, It’s not going to take much time.